Fine Art Services

Restoration Services

  • • Cleanings and re-varnishing
  • • Discolored varnish removal
  • • Paint consolidation, in-painting and paint loss restoration
  • • Lining, strip-lining, patching, tear repairs
  • • Previous restoration reversal, backing removal
  • • Complete Restorations

Other Services

  • • Corporate Collection Maintenance
  • • Secure Transportation of High-Value Art
  • • Insurance reports and estimates
  • • Condition consultation/assessment of paintings being bought
  • • Complete collection condition assessments
  • • Conservation Consulting
  • • Carbon Dating sample collection & submission

Indemnification/Hold Harmless/Release of Liability

  • Clients fully assume any and all risk for paintings having work performed and agree to indemnify, hold harmless and fully release Mark E. Wittl dba Virginia Art Conservation and Restoration, LLC and his heirs from any and all liability for any and all damages and or losses that may occur for any reason while the painting is in the possession of Mark E. Wittl dba Virginia Art Conservation and restoration, LLC.