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Cleanings involve the removal of aged and discolored varnish, dirt, grime, smoke or other accretions. Although considered by many to be a benign procedure, improper cleanings by unskilled hands ranks among the most dangerous of restoration processes.

Before Cleaning   After Cleaning 
This portrait of Rudolph Valentino was done during the filming of the movie "The Sheik" in the early 1920's.  It suffered from over 80 years of heavy smoke buildup on top of badly discolored varnish.   Valentino after cleaning.  The heavy smoke buildup was carefully removed followed by removal of yellowed varnish.  Notice how the original colors have been revealed.  Finally a protective damar varnish was applied after minor in-painting to cover some  areas that had missing paint.
19th Cen. Portrait Before Cleaning   After Cleaning
18th Cen. Portrait Before Cleaning   After Cleaning

Additional paintings during the cleaning process: