Painting Conservation and Restoration - It's What We Do

Virginia Art Conservation and Restoration, LLC provides specialized services in the conservation and restoration of paintings for individuals, galleries, universities, museums, auction houses, corporations or insurance companies.

Why it Matters

Paintings can suffer from a range of problems that, if left untreated, can get worse and cause irreparable damage.  We perform the restoration of paintings with treatments ranging from cleanings, to the repairs of tears and lining of paintings as necessary.

Who We Are

Conservator Mark E. Wittl has done private restoration work for over 20 years on oil paintings from 16th Century to present day works. All restoration work is done using accepted archival and fully reversible conservation techniques as recommended by the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Mr. Wittl is listed in the Stanford University Conservation Directory and has restored paintings by the following listed artists and National Academy artists: Winslow Homer, Peter Max, Clementine Hunter, Egisto Ferroni, Walter Farndon, C.D. Williams, George Sheridan Knowles, Maria Szanthos, Walter Biggs, William Hart, Antonio Jacobsen and many more.