Contact Information and Shipping Instructions

Contacting Us


Conservator: Mark E. Wittl. Consultations by appointment only. Contact via email will result in quicker replies. For free quotes, include size of work and attach high-resolution photographs.

Conservator: Click Here to Send email to Mark
Other Inquiries: Click Here to Send email for Quotes and Other Questions
Leave Phone Message: 540-776-1740.
Packing & Shipping Instructions
Where: Located in Roanoke, VA and primarily serving Western and Central Virginia. The shipping address will be provided to customers.
Suggested packing: Do NOT ship the frame, unless it too is having work done to it.  The painting should be removed from the frame (frames are very susceptible to breakage in shipping). The face of the painting should be covered with a sheet of mylar then sandwiched between two very heavy pieces of cardboard, wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in a suitable box and further packed all around with a cushioning material.
Suggested Shipping Method: Priority mail from the U.S. Postal service has proven to be very reliable.  As information, I have had far less damage occur with the U.S. Postal Service than I have with UPS shipments.